Accounting & Tax is often thought of as a profession that is reactive in nature, rather than proactive. When your Accountant prepares your yearly financial records for your business or files your Tax Returns, he or she is doing this work based on historical information. There is a better way to manage your finances, while compliance work like maintaining good Accounting Records for your Business or Filing Tax Returns is important, some Accounting Firms like Polaris Tax & Accounting focus not only on our client’s historical compliance work but also to their future needs and goals.

Using a Team-Based Model, we work closely with clients to identify planning needs and opportunities, we then work in conjunction with professionals that specialize in a wide range of services to create a cohesive team intended to help you reach your own unique goals. Rather than clients receiving disjointed advice from multiple independent advisors, we bring all the necessary professionals together to work as one TEAM for you.

With this model we don’t just refer our clients to any outside professional, we instead work in partnership with other members of your financial team ranging from Financial Advisors to Attorneys in order to reach your goals. We take a proactive role as your Trusted Advisor by coordinating with other professionals planning opportunities that we identify during our regular meetings.

Below is what the Team-Based Model looks like: