Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Polaris Tax & Accounting?

Polaris Tax & Accounting is a New Type of Accounting Firm committed to being a proactive force in a reactive industry. We specialize in proactive and forward-thinking accounting and tax solutions for both businesses and Individuals across the United States. Below is a short video on our firm and our process:

What is your pricing structure, do you charge by the hour?

Our Service Packages are built around the unique needs and goals of our clients. During our initial discovery meeting, we review your needs and provide you with a proposal that is customized to you.

Do you charge for an initial consultation?

We offer a Complimentary initial consultation. During this initial Virtual Discovery Session via Zoom Meeting, we identify your Accounting and Tax needs and determine whether we are a good fit for you and what services would make sense for your situation. Following the initial consultation, we will send you a Proposal and Engagement Letter in order to get started.

I do NOT own a business, do you offer Individual Tax Preparation?

Yes, we offer Tax Preparation for Individual Clients.

What if I just have a “quick” one-off question?

Most Tax Laws have special rules and exceptions which need to be carefully considered as part of your tax strategies. Providing generic answers to an Accounting or Tax question can be detrimental to your situation and have negative long-term impacts. As such, our firm’s policy is not to answer one-off questions until we have established an ongoing engagement and have a good understanding of your entire financial picture. This allows us to provide you with tax planning solutions for your unique situation.

Do you offer Virtual Accounting and Tax Services

Yes, Our Firm does offer virtual Accounting and Tax Services. In fact, in most cases, we already work with most of our clients in a virtual capacity, and we assist all of their Tax and Accounting needs anywhere in the United States.

How do you meet your clients virtually?

We use video conference and screen-sharing technology to interact with our clients.

How do we exchange sensitive documents?

All sensitive documentation is sent and received through our secure portal with multi-layer encryption technology to keep your information safe and confidential.

What are the benefits of working with an Accountant vs. managing my own Accounting and Tax?

Accounting and Tax compliance are an essential part of running your business. While DIY Accounting and Tax Software might appear to be “easy” to use, without a background in Accounting and Taxation, you could be making some costly mistakes that could result in penalties and fines. Click here to learn more about the benefits of working with an Accountant.

What makes your approach to Accounting and Tax different from other firms?

We don’t just focus on compliance work by maintaining your accounting records and filing your tax returns. We focus on identifying planning opportunities and tax reduction strategies before tax season. Click here to learn more about our Proactive approach to Accounting and Tax.

If I get audited by the IRS can you represent me?

Our firm can represent you before all administrative levels of the Internal Revenue Service for audits, collections, and appeals.

Should I work with an Accounting Firm if I am starting a new business?

We highly suggest you contact an accountant if you are starting a new business. We can help you evaluate the organization of your company for tax purposes as well as numerous other issues related to the operations of your business. Without this critical advice, you could be making decisions that could result in fines, penalties, and higher tax liabilities.

How do I know which Accounting Firm is best for me?

When choosing an Accounting Firm, you should do so not based on pricing but on the type of engagement you are looking to establish with your Accountant. Are you looking for an Accounting Firm that can be a trusted advisor? Are you looking for an Accounting Firm that takes a proactive approach to your financial needs? If you answered yes to these questions, then call us for a consultation.

What accounting system do you use?

We primarily use two systems: Xero and QuickBooks Online.