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Benefits of working with a Proactive vs. Reactive Accounting Firm

Our firm is large enough to provide a broad range of services ranging from Business Accounting to Individual Tax Preparation yet, we are small enough for our clients to receive that proactive and personal attentiontion they have come to enjoy. We dedicate ourselves to helping you reach your goals, by becoming your Trusted Advisors.

Business Accounting


Records are updated on a regular basis giving you a true real-time view of your Business Finances and better control over your Cash Flow.


Records are updated infrequently, only giving you a historical view of your business finances with little to no insight on future Cash Flow needs.

Financial Reporting


Regular Monthly video analysis of your Financial Reports, we help you understand the story behind your Financial Reports.


Financial Reports are sent to you either Monthly or Quarterly with little to no analysis and guidance. You are left to review and uncover the information from your Financial Reports.

Tax Planning


Regular Meetings to help you implement proactive year-round Tax Reduction Strategies and Estimate Tax Liability based on the latest Business Projections. Avoid the stress associated with discovering a large unplanned tax bill on April 14th.


Very little to no proactive tax reduction strategies are implemented throughout the year. Tax Planning is only limited to sporadic conversations regarding estimating Quarterly Tax Payments based on prior year historical information.

Tax Preparation


Tax Filing and Reporting is easy and painless because all Accounting and ongoing Tax Planning was implemented throughout the year. Missed Tax Deductions and Credits are reduced to a minimum because of ongoing Tax Planning Meetings.


Filing Tax Returns often involve completing complex organizers and rushing to adjust inaccurate Business Accounting Records with a high likelihood of missed deductions or opportunities. Because of the lack of planning throughout the year, you often miss potential strategies that could have saved thousands of dollars in taxes.