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Hind Nicholas

reviewed a year ago

I have known Polaris Bookkeeping group for the past 6 months and I have been consistently impressed by their attitude towards their accounting quality of work and their total ethical standard. They are highly respected as persons and professionally by our BNI group. They have excellent forensic skills, yet remains focused on the overall needs of the client. I would recommend the Polaris Bookkeeping group without any reservation to my friends, relatives and business partners.

Amie Cennamo

reviewed a year ago

We transferred the bookkeeping portion of our two businesses to the Polaris Group a few months ago. They made the transition seamless and painless and we couldn't be happier. Joe, Vicki, and Brandon are a professional group and alway keep their clients top of mind, as they regularly forward me names of others that may have an interest in my business. Their monthly reports and dashboards have been a huge help in analyzing our finances. With their help, things are simple, easy to understand and organized. Joe also set me up with a virtual online checking account register which I love b/c I can access it from any computer. I strongly encourage you to meet with the Polaris group to discuss your needs. You will not be dissapointed. -Amie C. with SNAP Fitness

Kelly Waugh

reviewed a year ago

Vickie and Joe are AMAZING!!! They swooped in and saved the day. I was fairly new to quick books and only really using it for a check register. Once Joe got a hold of it, I was easily able to review our income and liabilities, run reports, you name it. Now that our books are running smoothly and efficiently, we can accurately review our ROI's and make more educated decisions for our business & its future. If you are even considering a bookkeeper/accountant, call them asap! I would pay for their services a million times over. I can't thank you enough for all that you do!

Peter Cogan

reviewed a year ago

Highly Recommend Polaris Bookkeeping to any business owner. The information that they were able to provide me such as % of jobs being done, revenue from those jobs, areas of Lake Norman where the jobs come from, and that is just the tip of the iceberg, were so useful and very eye opening for me. My biggest concern for myself is to make sure I was able to see this type of analytical report and to have actual facts and Polaris has done that and more. Could not be happier that I found them and that I am a client of theirs. You wil be in amazing hands with Joe, Vickie, and Brandon. Thank you!! Peter C-Window Genie

Jonathan Mcbroom

reviewed a year ago

I went to Polaris bookkeeping for an audit from the IRS from 2011 and had Joe look it over. In less the 36hours he had re-prepaired my 2011 tax return (the way it should have been in the first place) added things I missed and had me owing much less than originally thought. He was very professional and prompt to answere any questions I had about the process. I got to meet everyone there and they are all very nice and even funny, not somthing you would normally see when you walk into a book keeping service it made the expieriance THAT much better. I will tell everyone I know about Polaris Bookkeeping.

Nader Mityas

reviewed a year ago

I would recommend the Polaris Bookkeeping team! They have done a fantastic job in maintaining my business accounting records all year long. They consistently provide me each month with reports that help me better understand the overall performance of my business.